Thursday, May 16, 2013

Adjusting and a Few Firsts

I have to start off by saying we were very "clueless" as to what was to expect the first night, week, weeks, months with Abigail. Don't get me wrong I read several books about fostering, adopting, etc. BUT every child is different. We were prepared to take it very slow and not introduce her to anyone if she needed that to happen. HOWEVER when we got her, she was/is the most outgoing, lovable, little girl in the whole world. She immediately started calling Eric and I mommy and daddy and wanted us to hold her and play with her. She never meets a stranger and is one happy little girl, which we are so thankful for.

Ryder has been THE BEST big brother in the world. That boy has surpassed all of my hopes on how this would be adjusting to another child in the house. He has been so beyond sweet to her, reading books to her, kisses, hugs, you name it! They still have yet to get in a fight- I know, I know its coming but this little transition period has been a breeze so far. They all say though, eventually the honeymoon will end, and I've got to say I hope it doesn't!

We have had a few more firsts in our home lately...

Abigail's first Time-Out :) She was NOT happy, but after her third warning for not digging up Daddy's green beans in the garden, I had to do something!

We had her first Dentist trip on Monday and she had NO cavities! Which is AWESOME because when she came to us she acted like she had never brushed her teeth before, like literally didn't even know what a toothbrush was!

The first time meeting Grandpa Thomas and Grandma Heather -AND Anthony (although I didn't get a picture of them two :(  )

The first time picking strawberries

The first time taking a bath (at our house-of course)

And the best first of all...MY first Mother's Day, as a Mommy to 2! :)

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Jessica said...

Two more weeks and me and Ri get to meet and play with her!! Woo hoo :) Can't wait!!


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