After much prayer and thought we have decided to foster in hoping to increase our chances in adopting a child in our age range. (0-5) We were told that statistically 60% of ALL children are adopted by their foster parents because they are always given first choice when parental rights are terminated. We know this is going to be VERY difficult for us, and we understand that foster care's main goal is the reunite the child with the parent once they get their lives straightened out. We could have a child for a week, or months or they might be with us forever. We just started our foster journey and were told it will take 2-3 weeks for us to be licensed due to us already having all of the paperwork and inspections completed because of our adoption. Here is our timeline so far!

February 25- Called new caseworker and had my Adoption Caseworker send over ALL of our adoption paperwork so we didn't have to do double work

March 4th-Received 4 pages of paperwork to be filled out by willing babysitters :) March 5th-Returned paperwork

March 11th- House visit with new caseworker, and inspection (really she just looked at fire alarms, safety concerns and the childrens' rooms (told 2-3 weeks until we are licensed)

March 13th- Got a call saying our 4 pages of paperwork were missing signatures and she was re-mailing them out

March 16th- Got signatures that were missing, and mailed them back to our caseworker.

April 2nd- Got a phone call that they were missing 4 things we had already given them! (beyond frustrated)

April 4th- Faxed copies of everything and was told our caseworker signed off on our file and sent it to her supervisor for review and approval.

April 6th- Supervisor signed and approved, now it is sent to head of DSS and then the State for 2 last signatures- was told this will take about 2 weeks

April 17th-APPROVED and asked about Abigail placement and said YES!

May 2nd-Abigail comes home!

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