If you want to read about how and why we have chosen to adopt you can read about it in the "About Us" tab on the Home page or you can click HERE.

Throughout my blog you can read about our journey to adopt. It has been a bumpy LONG road and we are still "waiting". A while back I posted an ADOPTION TIMELINE to help others who are wandering how long it takes and so on, and I am going to post it again here but updated!

I remember when we first started the adoption process I was SOO interested in how long this process was going to take.. I was googling domestic adoption and trying to find people who actually did a timeline of everything so I could see. Everyone's adoption journey's vary but I just wanted an idea of what to expect. So I decided to do a timeline for myself and others if interested of how long our process has taken. I should probably add that we DOVE into this 110% full force..we didn't take our time we sped through it, so if your a slow starter it might be longer!

March 23rd 2012- Went to an adoption orientation at our local DSS (department for social services) office to learn more about going through with adoption and received our initial adoption application a few days prior, filled it out, and turned it in the night of the meeting (not the BIG packet)- At the meeting we received our "big" packet and was told to complete it in "chunks" and send it in. We were also told this process of "paperwork, inspections, and homestudy would take 8-12 months)

April 2-7 2012- We completed a lot of our paperwork and dr visits this week because we were off of work..

April 10th 2012- Handed in a HUGE chunk of our paperwork. We would of had it all done, but a lot of it was supposed to be completed AFTER our adoption training classes.

April 14 2012- Adoption Training class!

April 21st 2012- Adoption Training class AND turned in the rest of our paperwork!

April 26th 2012- We were told DSS lost a big chunk of paperwork so we had to make copies of copies and I hand delivered them on...

May 2nd 2012- I hand delivered the missing paperwork, spoke with our caseworker, and were put on a list to wait for our DHEC inspection and were told we were number 11

June 1st 2012- PASSED our DHEC inspection and got put on the waiting list for our Fire Inspection

June 18th 2012- PASSED our Fire Inspection and got put on ANOTHER waiting list for our homestudy

August 5th 2012- SCHEDULED our Homestudys!!

August 17th- Homestudy #1

August 19th- Homestudy #2

September 3rd- APPROVED

**We have decided to foster to adopt now, although we are STILL have our adoption caseworker as well! We just have an added bonus of a foster caseworker so now hopefully we will have DOUBLE chances :) Here is our new timeline for fostering as well** 

 February 25- Called new caseworker and had my Adoption Caseworker send over ALL of our adoption paperwork so we didn't have to do double work  

March 4th-Received 4 pages of paperwork to be filled out by willing babysitters :)   March 5th-Returned paperwork

  March 11th- House visit with new caseworker, and inspection (really she just looked at fire alarms, safety concerns and the childrens rooms (told 2-3 weeks until we are liscensed) 

 March 13th- Got a call saying our 4 pages of paperwork were missing signatures and she was re-mailing them out

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